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design studio ep1

the guildhall of st george - a baugeschichte drama in 3 acts

thursdays, 10 a.m., sr 6  

first appointment, 6 october 2022, 10 a.m., sr 6

patru, pop


On 15 December 2022, the mid-term presentations of the design studio will be held with the participation of London-based guest critic Adrian Hill BA(Hons) DipArch RIBA. We thank the BritInn Network (Academic Network Britain-Innsbruck) for its support, which made the presence of architect Adrian Hill possible.



This semester we'll be looking at heritage in relation to the performance arts. We’ll work on upgrading the UK’s oldest working theatre so it can secure a sustainable future.


The Guildhall of St George in Kings Lynn is a Grade I listed building, dating from 1428. It has, remarkably, worked as a performance venue almost continuously ever since, a nativity play in January 1445 being the earliest show on record. It is also the only theatre that can claim with solid evidence that William Shakespeare has performed in it as an actor, back in 1593 when the London venues were closed by the plague. Its success as a playhouse peaked in the 1770’ but in  the 19th century the Guidhall has suffered a decline, being used as warehouse and then as stage set wokshop with an Arts Centre being inaugurated on site in 1951 by the queen mother. With the closing of the Arts Centre in 2016 St’George’s guildhall now faces an uncertain future.


The Shakespeare Guildhall Trust has formed and a creative director, Tim FitzHigham has been appointed in 2022, with a mission to draft a vision for the site of the back of its unique heritage and secure funding for redevelopment. Their aim is : “to create a mixed-use performance, arts and cultural centre; a heritage attraction of national significance; and a great economic, education and community asset for King’s Lynn.” We’re adopting this cultural enterprise for our studio’s brief. You can find more information about the site and the vision for it here: www.shakespearesguildhalltrust.org.uk


The project will be carried out in groups of 3 students, with individual exercises. 


In order to join the course, participation in a 3-day field trip, with stops in London and Norfolk is compulsory! The field trip will include a site visit as well as visits to outstanding recently completed british projects sitting at the crossroads between the performance arts and heritage sectors. 


Anforderungen: Regelmäßige Teilnahme (mind. 80% der Lehrveranstaltung), Beteiligung an der Diskussion und pünktliches Erscheinen. Bei unentschuldigten Fehlzeiten über den zugelassenen Rahmen hinaus erfolgt der Ausschluss aus dem Entwurfsstudio und eine negative Bewertung.