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thursdays, 10 a.m., sr 6  

first appointment: thursday 7.10.2021, 10.a.m., sr. 6

(compulsory attendance only with green pass)

patru, pop



This semester we’ll re-examine rurality and heritage working on an industrial site in Auneuil, France, proposed by this year's Europan competition.

Auneuil is a small town located 80 km from Paris and 12 km from Beauvais. It is part of a network of similar locations that offer dynamic employment potential and currently attract new residents due to their desirable living environment. Until 1982, Auneuil was a major site for the production of architectural ceramics, bricks and tiles, which has left behind a rich industrial heritage. The remains of the disused Boulenger factory, which is a listed building, call for the area to be upgraded and transformed into an asset for living and working in the countryside.

Several industrial plants are located less than 2 km from Auneuil, therefore a large number of people commute between the industrial area and the neighbouring residential towns. As the local population ages, the town is looking to attract new residents by developing housing schemes that are suitable for younger people, in order to balance the age profile and restore diversity to the community.

The project will be carried out in small groups of 2-3 students, with concise individual assignments. The design studio will be held in English. You can find more information about the Europan competition brief here: www.europan-europe.eu/en/session/europan-16/site/auneuil-fr

Anforderungen: Regelmäßige Teilnahme (mind. 80% der Lehrveranstaltung), Beteiligung an der Diskussion und pünktliches Erscheinen. Bei unentschuldigten Fehlzeiten über den zugelassenen Rahmen hinaus erfolgt der Ausschluss aus dem Entwurfsstudio und eine negative Bewertung.